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Calling all Leaders!

Onyx Creative presents

The Color.Blind Challenge

Stress and burnout has had its day in our workplaces. The time has come for a new standard. Crippling stress and burnout will be replaced by increased wellness and productivity. You will set the example by showing your commitment to self care and continuing the charge by challenging other leaders to do the same.

Stop The

As a participant in the Color.Blind Challenge, you will exercise and exemplify your leadership level wellness through a simple act of self-care using creative expression. 

In the Color.Blind Challenge you take a moment to stop, breathe and emotionally release while engaging in a creative activity without the potentially limiting use of sight – blindfolded.

Your statement about the importance of self-care will help build the movement toward more fulfilled, productive team members of all levels.

The creation that results from your participation will come together with that of your peers to become something truly inspirational. No special skills required.


I Accept the Color.Blind Challenge!

Why Accept the Challenge?

Self-Awareness & Expression

Creativity is the route to authentic self-care. When we create we access our thoughts and use our mental floss. When we take the time and energy to develop our ideas, learn to understand, trust and respect our inner self, and in turn enable ourselves to be expressed.

Sress Relief

Creativity invokes a meditative state which makes it the perfect self-care activity for you as a leader. You take the time to give yourself a personal gift - it's the thought that counts. It's fun, brings joy and improves overall quality of life.

Strengthened Focus

When we are stressed we cannot focus properly. The Color.Blind Challenge allows us to complete one thing in excellence - leading to excellence in all other areas of our work lives.

Problem Solving

Obstacles and challenges in the workplace are inevitable. Have you ever wondered how to solve for burnout and stress in your organization? Making creativity as self-care a habit will lead to continued learning, being resourceful and introduces a healthy environment for gratitude and critical thinking.

How the Color.Blind Challenge Works

1. Set aside 30 mins to disrupt your work day

Self-care is disruptive but it doesn’t take all of your time. Of course you have work to do – you’re a leader. Set aside moments to creatively speak to your authentic self.

4. Your creation is added to those of several other professionals

Interconnectivity is life-affirming. We all play a role in the big tapestry of our teams, families and communities. The Color.Blind Challenge celebrates our interdependence.

2. onyx creative will come to you

The Color.Blind Challenge works best in your natural work habitat. We come to you in your workspace.

5. you challenge a colleague

Now that you’ve made a statement that you wellness matters and your team’s wellness matters, spread the love! Challenge a colleague who could use some healing self-care.

3. You are blindfolded and led through the color.blind Paint experience

Yes, you wear a blindfold during the creativity experience. It is important to remove your self judgements and allow yourself permission to just be.

6. You continue your workday in excellence

So you’ve done it. It wasn’t painful – in fact is was really fun. Now you can go through your workday with a fresh perspective that was with you all along and begging to come forth. 

There are 8 Color.Blind Challenge slots per month, for 8 months per year. Participation in the Color.Blind Challenge nominates you for an Overflow Award. The Overflow Awards recognize courageous leaders who dare to make their own wellness and that of their teams an intention, a priority and a regular practice and therefore make the workforce work better. The Overflow Awards are presented during an annual ceremony honoring our progressive leaders.

Color.Blind Challenge? My wellness matters. My team's wellness matters.

Clients share their experience

"It took me a while to process what I experienced. Painting for me was a way to express my emotions and cope with life. It wasn't until I attended a self-care painting workshop that I was able to reconnect with that part of me. It allowed me to process many thoughts and emotions I was struggling with."
Pedro N.
"You are absolutely perfect at what you do. I was standing at the back of the room while you were facilitating, crying my eyes out. It was incredibly beautiful, moving and powerful. I love you and we are super honored that you have chosen to give back to us as your cause."
Raquel O.
"Onyx Creative introduced me to creating via self-care. Now when I want to relax, I finger paint. It has been an awesome experience. I love it so much that I share it with my friends and my family."
Zelma H.

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