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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan

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Color.Blind Events

Great leaders like you are in constant pursuit of that X-factor that will catapult a talented team into synergistic overdrive. The Color.Blind Paint Experience is an onramp that will tap into each team member’s individual purpose, adding clarity to potential. Individual self care makes the work you do together work better. It all begins with the individual needs.  It will take you and your team on a journey of self-discovery that is both a stress-reliever and a catalyst for substantial emotional growth.

The SelfCare Addict Network

Sometimes a family needs to “get away” together to stay on the same page. Onyx Creative offers you an ongoing virtual retreat in the form of its unique social media platform. The SelfCare Addict Network is specifically dedicated to the self care that your crew deserves. It’s a safe space environment where you can interact and belong – free of the distractions and clutter that can be found on other platforms. You will access incredibly informative classes, affirmations, fun activities and more. Join the SelfCare Addict Network today and level-up your team’s self care. It’s far more feasible than an all-staff trip to Fiji. 

creatives without borders mastermind groups

From time to time, we all need fresh ideas, feedback, and advantageous connections that can keep us moving forward to our next level of success. Plug in to one of our exclusive private mastermind groups and experience the power of interconnectivity as you get to know the dynamic champions that will boost your mobility.

We’ll match you with trustworthy, likeminded professionals and forward-thinking game-changers to collectively create the synergy you need to soar.

Creatives Without Borders Masterminds

Tell Your Corporate Wellness Story.

You care about your people. You care about your clients. You care about wellness. Tell Your Story. Let your values shine through in everything that you do. 

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Your standard for wellness strengthens both the employee and client relationships that are the cornerstone of your success. Your brand is so much more than a name, a logo and a set of dedicated colors. It is the story you tell. It is who you are to your target market and to your organization. 

Onyx Creative helps you tell your story in all that you do. Trust your story to those who share and understand your values – self care, innovation, optimal performance. 

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