Imagine a day when the people around you are fully engaged, optimally productive, and personally thriving. Now, imagine a day when you are one of them. 

We all have a story. Release it.

copy writing | brand development | graphic design


We help authenticate and strengthen relationships between employers and the people who make their business work


We provide access to coaches, courses and connection events to support emotional wellness in the workforce


Use our highly individualized systems tell your unique story through strategic marketing and public relations services

What We Do

We give life to your concepts through the development of written ideas and the visuals that help them convey your message to all who need to hear.

Our Vision in Action

We provide fun, self-healing, emotional release adventures to mitigate stress, burnout, and damaging isolation by establishing a safe zone where you can access and express your authentic self and your unique and valuable story. Blindfolded.

Our Goals


Onyx Creative will host 200 Color.Blind paint experiences nationwide for large corporate groups that include individuals from entry level to C-Suite.

20,000 SERVED

20,000 more highly effective and highly motivated leaders will thrive at the various stages of work and life because of the work of Onyx Creative. Color.Blind graduates will serve as co-creators of safe spaces in senior positions in business.

Our Process

How we do what we do is as important as why we do what we do. Here’s a hint, we do it for you.

Join the Movement

Be a part of the Color.Blind movement to change the face of leadership by 2029. Get involved.


Add more LIFE to your work-life balance. Access and express more of your authentic self and have a great time doing it. Attend one of our Color.Blind Paint Experience classes and join The SelfCare Addict Network to take important next steps along your self-care journey!


Creativity-Focused Leaders get the very best of the people they serve. The work community that you value deserves to master one of the 21st century’s most sought-after skills – creative problem-solving. Why not let your team happily perform at their peak? You say the word. We make it happen.

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