Onyx Creative offers flexible pay as you go plans...


$ 59
50 / MO
  • One Monthly Color.Blind Paint Class
  • Access to The SelfCare Addict Network & Public Tribes
  • Full Access to Stress Management eCONTENT HUB
  • Onyx Creative T-Shirt
  • 20% Discount Off Onyx Summits - Online Only


$ 150
/ MO
  • Two Monthly Color.Blind Paint Classes
  • Basic Membership
  • Choice in Size Canvas
  • Access to Plus Member Tribe
  • Monthly Onyx Summits Online Access Only
  • 10% Discount Off Color.Blind Convention or Membership To Mastermind Group


$ 250
/ MO
  • One Monthly Color.Blind Paint Class
  • Access to The SelfCare Addict Network & Public Tribes
  • Full Access to Stress Management eCONTENT HUB
  • Choice in Size Canvas
  • Access to Premium Member Tribe
  • Monthly Onyx Summits (Full - In Person and Online Access)
  • Exclusive VIP Access to Summits & Speakers
  • Summit Breakout Sessions
  • 30% Discount Off Color.Blind Convention Membership To Mastermind Group
  • Onyx Creative T-Shirt and Mug

Need Executive Level Support?

Creatives Without Borders Mastermind gives you a Bigger, Bolder Vision!

What to expect from

Creatives Without Borders


  • A group of carefully selected professionals to whom you can look for support
  • New ways to express your self-care message throughout your business
  • Confidence to retire old ideas about your self-care at work
  • The clarity to initiate new self-care activities in your professional and private life
  • A whole new way to package self-care + business + leadership ideas
  • A bigger, bolder vision!


You asked. We answered.

The Color.Blind Paint Experience is a blindfolded, hands-on, emotional release paint class.  Your Color.Blind blindfold and your new masterpiece are yours to keep.  No painting skills required. 

A Color.Blind Paint Experience is two hours in duration. It’s fun, so the time flies!

When people see, they judge, they hesitate, they over-think. We wouldn’t want that would we? We are fully invested in your emotional growth. The removal of the barrier that sight can be in this instance creates an optimal freedom of expression.

At Onyx Creative, we are firm believers in getting messy on purpose. That being said, it’s probably not the place for your Sunday best. We do want you to be comfortable and not worried about staining your favorite pants. We have aprons for your use, and normally that provides enough coverage for protection, but it’s best to be safe. Comfortable and casual works best.

Life happens, we get it. You can reschedule your class for another open date. We ask that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice.

With the Basic level membership, you will use a 16×20 canvas. With the Plus level membership, you have your choice between a 16×20 or an 18×24 canvas. With the Premium level membership, you have your choice between, 16×20, 18×24 and 22×28.

Support can be key to success at any activity. At Onyx Creative, that support comes through your tribe.

A tribe is a SelfCare Addict Network version of a group. Your tribe is where you belong and where you can share your stories and experiences, seek support, and be open and messy. 

Ever want to attend a conference to sharpen your skills and enhance your life but thought it far too expensive? Wonder if the expertise of the speakers will outweigh the cost and effort? One of our goals at Onyx Creative is to make great content available to our members in an affordable manner. You get exclusive VIP pricing for events and private access to speakers before and after the public event. Not only do you get an opportunity to learn from wellness leaders in a group setting, but you can have closer and even more meaningful interaction that will have an even larger impact on your life.  Because money should not be a hinderance to your leveling up.

A monthly Onyx Summit is an in-person and online event with one to five wellness and self-care experts who will cover member education in the 8 dimensions of wellness.

A Color.Blind Convention is a much larger in-person event that happens once or twice per year. It includes a silent Color.Blind experience with your facilitator. Vendor opportunities are available.

Membership has its privileges. Being a member gets you double the discounts on any of our paint experiences, our summits and conventions. Saving money is the best privilege, don’t you think?

We are especially proud of our Premium Membership. For the price of a typical convention ticket, you get a whole year of summits, a convention and classes. 

Plus and Premium Memberships include the monthly Onyx Summits tickets and perks. However we do send out one basic member 20% discount code monthly to Plus and Premium members to share the Onyx Summit experience or personal use.  

Yes we do. We are a community built on doing, sharing and rewarding. Onyx Creative has an Ambassador program built into The SelfCare Addict Network. There are 3 levels to earn rewards. 

Ambassadors that refer 10 paid new members are awarded 2 Free Plus Member tickets to an Onyx Summit.

Ambassadors that refer 25 paid new members are awarded 4 Free Plus Member Onyx Summit tickets and a 50% discount off Color.Blind Convention or Creatives Without Borders Mastermind. And featured on The SelfCare Addict Vlog.

*Restrictions Apply*

We believe that we offer a comprehensive rewards program. At this time we do not offer coupon or discount stacking.