Creativity underscores value

Onyx Creative invites you to join in the storytelling. We bring the events. You bring the story. Your story awaits.

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upcoming Color.Blind Mid-Week melt down events

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color.blind events

The Color.Blind Paint Experience is
a relational, wellness-focused, emotion expressing, creativity nurturing, internally validating, team building, hands-on super fun creative experience like no other.


The SelfCare Addict video log is a no b.s. guide for self care and leadership in the workforce. It captures the behind -the-scenes of success, self care, leadership and art in action.

gallery shows | public speaking

This is the Tell. Your. Story. chapter. This is where you get to see and show on canvas what is in the inside on the outside.

creative excursions

Take your creative expression to go. Whether painting in your own back yard or hiking at Red Rock, immerse yourself in nature as we seek to make even deeper connections.


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